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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bow and Arrow: the Main Equipments You Must Secure to be Able to Play Archery Posted: Feb 12th, 2009 | Comments: 0 | Views: 12

Archery has become one of the most well-loved sports. It is actually the art of shooting. But unlike with several sports that you need a ball to do the shooting and all, with this sport you won't be needing a ball but instead an arrow.

The main equipments one needs to be able to play Archery include a bow and an arrow. Generally, a bow is a weapon that projects an arrow while an arrow is a slender, straight pointed projectile made to be shot from a bow; usually with feathers at the shaft end.

Basically, there are two main types of bows. First type can be drawn by directly pulling the string and second type still needs a mechanism for its string to be pulled. Each type then can be further divided based on variations in the limb construction method.

A lot of people prefer using bows that can be drawn by directly pulling the string than bows that still need a mechanism for its string to be pulled. Mechanically drawn bows usually have other mounting or a stock such as the crossbow. Typically, they are not confined by the strength or power of one archer.

Arrows on the other hand, come in types too. Basically, arrows can be classified in terms of the material used. Normally, material used for the shaft is the determining factor. Materials often used for the shaft include aluminum alloy, solid wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber or carbon/alloy composite.

Arrows with shaft made of wood are known for being highly prone to distortion. Arrows with shaft made of fiberglass although are more easily produced to unvarying specifications are actually breakable. Arrows with shaft made of aluminum are known for being perfectly straight, durable, and efficient to use and so became the most favorite type some time in the 20th century. Arrows with shaft made of carbon fiber are very light and in the past have exceeded popularity of arrows with shaft made of aluminum. Finally, arrows with shaft made of carbon/alloy composite are more effective in projecting an arrow and so became very popular at Olympic Events.